Special Guests


George Nierenburg (Guest Speaker) – George Nierenberg has produced, directed and developed projects for PBS, CBS, NBC, ABC, AMC, Bravo, Nickelodeon, Cinemax, and Sony BMG, including: Neon Lights for National Geographic’s Explorer and a film on Voodoo in Haiti for ABC.  Nierenberg was enlisted as a producer to launch Saturday Night With Connie Chung on CBS.  He also served as a consultant, overseeing the non-fiction programming at Lifetime Television and the Associated Press. For VH1’s Hard Rock Live, he directed portraits of popular musical artists such as Chicago, Robert Palmer, Cyndi Lauper, Blues Traveler, Sinead O’Connor, and Boz Scaggs.  For American Movie Classics he created “Gotta Dance!”, a two-part pilot series on ballroom dancing. He created a series pilot for TNN, Adventure Chef, an hour TV special for Walt Disney and Bravo, Head of the Class: The Lion King, and the one-hour season opener for the series Paramedics on TLC and At The Chef’s Table for PBS. His award winning films, “Say Amen, Somebody” (MGM), “That Rhythm…Those Blues” (The American Experience) and Emmy award winning “No Maps On My Taps” (PBS) are considered classics.  “No Maps On My Taps” spawned a live presentation of tap dance performances, which toured to over 60 cities around the world.  John J. O’Connor of the  New York Times wrote,  “This is an exhilarating, touching, thoroughly absorbing history of tap dancing.”

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Nathan Bugh (Music Theory for Tap Dancers) – is one of the world’s leading experts in traditional jazz movement. He has performed Lindy Hop at Carnegie Hall, with The New York Pops and Josie Say. He danced in David Tutera’s “Great Gatsby” wedding on the hit reality series “My Fair Wedding;” He performed on FoxNC’s “Fox and Friends Christmas” with George Gee; And he and Ramona Staffeld exhibited Lindy Hop in Noemi LaFrance’s “Agora II,” and later with the Vanaver Caravan at the legendary dance mecca, Jacob’s Pillow. Nathan and Evita Arce are principle dancers in the Weepies music video “Be My Honey Pie.” And Nathan and Elaine Silver dance in Ric Mysterie’s “Up All Night,” and “I Don’t Want Your Love.” A competitive dance champion, Nathan holds 1st place titles in Lindy Hop, Solo Charleston, Team, Cabaret, and Slow Dance divisions across the US. Nathan joins the faculty as a music lecturer, a capacity for which he is especially well suited. In 2006 Nathan graduated form the Juilliard School with a masters degree in music composition. Prior to that he studied music composition and tap concurrently at OCU. And more recently, he has delved into jazz piano. Nathan combines his familiarity with tap/jazz with his intense, music-theory knowledge, to offer a unique classroom opportunity. If you have any burning questions about rhythm, music structure, or theory, now is the time to ask them!


Jim Wharton (Musculoskeletal Therapist) – Jim is an internationally known trainer, therapist, and author who established his practice in 1989 and changed the face of human performance. He has worked with luminaries in the sports world from professional football players to Olympic gold medal winners, including Deena Kastor, Meb Keflezighi (winner of the 2009 NYC ING Marathon), Paul Tergat, and the Kenyan and Ethiopian national teams. He can be found in his clinics in New York City, in sports venues all over the world, at the podiums of seminars and workshops, in fitness centers all over New York, on Broadway stages, and in the spotlight of the press.


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