About Tap Into Freedom


Tap Into Freedom is the first pre-professional/professional intensive designed specifically for today’s tap dancer. Tap dance education is global now, and varies by geography and teacher. This is indeed how it always has been.

By providing a fundamental toolkit, the Tap Into Freedom programs aim to contextualize today’s environment so that students feel free to pursue their passion AND have the tools with which to do so.

There are three aspects to Tap Into Freedom: Webinars, The Intensive, and Private Coaching.

Webinars have been developed for INT/ADV and pre-professional level students as well as tap dance educators and studio owners interested in developing a stronger tap dance program for their school.

The Intensive is like none other available today. Covering functional physiology, music theory, tap dance technique and vocabulary, tap dance history, and tap dance choreography analysis, the 50 hours of study over 6 days in the tap dance capital of the world will provide attendees with an experience like no other.

Designed for those students and educators who have specific goals they would like to reach, Private Coaching provides a one-on-one opportunity with Andrew and his unique approach to tap dance education.

Registration for Webinars and The Intensive is limited to ensure individual attention is provided to each attendee.


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